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Protect our rural way of life


There is a coarseness and unwelcome degree of animosity slowly working its way into the political process here in Yavapai County. It is at odds with our history and our culture, and I hope that everyone who watches my campaign will see someone who is offering a better way forward – an honest debate over who is best qualified for the position, and an optimistic vision for our amazing county.  It is what we all deserve and is a standard we should hold all of our candidates to.

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Thanks for visiting my website and for learning more about me and my campaign for County Supervisor.

I love our county and want to protect it.  That's why my priorities are controlling growth, protecting our quality of life, prioritizing public safety, boosting our economy, protecting our water, and ensuring our roads and infrastructure keep ahead of our growth.

Please contact me directly if you want to get involved.  Spread the word to your friends and neighbors, and even make a contribution if you are able.  This will be a team effort, and I hope you agree with what you read here today and join our team!

Brooks Compton


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Brooks Compton, Guest Host of Prescott Talks

Interview with City of Prescott Mayor Pro Tem Connie Cantelme

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Brooks Compton, Guest Host of Prescott Talks

Interview with Yavapai County Sheriff David Rhodes

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Mayor Cantelme and Prescott Councilwoman Kathey Rusing

"I’ll protect Yavapai County from mismanagement, ensure our future growth respects our limited natural resources, prioritize infrastructure, and protect what makes our county such a special place to live."

Republican Women of Prescott Luncheon (RWOP). With Prescott Mayor Pro Tem Connie Cantelme and Prescott Councilwoman Cathey Rusing.

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